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The Vacmaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

We love the Vacmaster VP112 chamber vacuum sealer. It really is one of the best vac sealers on the market, so we decided to share what we know about it with all of our readers.

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Vacmaster Model Comparison:

On this page, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Vacmaster VP112. It makes for interesting reading.

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What Can You Use a VP112 vacuum sealer for?

Before we go any further, we think it would be helpful to first explain what a vacuum sealer is and the different ways you can use it. Again, if you are already familiar with this kitchen appliance and just want to find out more about the VP 112 please skip this paragraph and go straight to the specifications section.

You can use a vacuum sealer to protect and preserve virtually any food product. It is perfect for soups, sauces, marinades as well as for solid products like fish, meat, fruit and vegetables.

Vacuum packing can also be used to protect other things like bedding from mildew and other forms of damage. With soft things, it greatly reduces their bulk.

Vacuum packing is the perfect way to preserve a wide range of foods. Using a vacuum sealer allows you to remove every drop of air from around perishable goods.

How Vacuum Packers Preserve Food

Doing this stops the food from rotting. This is because virtually every fungus or bacteria that breaks down and cause food to rot require oxygen to multiply. If the fungus and bacteria cannot breathe, they cannot breed and grow, which means they will not eat the food that you are trying to preserve.

Removing the air also stops evaporation. Many of the nutrients in food are sensitive to oxygen and breakdown once exposed to the air. If you can stop the food coming into contact with the air, you can maintain good nutrient levels.

This principle is used across the world on an industrial scale. Many fruits and vegetables are picked and stored in rooms that are temperature controlled and have much of the oxygen removed from them.

A good quality kitchenware vacuum sealer brings the ability to replicate this effect in your home. It is a great way of reducing waste and improving your diet. Using one also enables you to prepare fruit and vegetables in advance and add them to your packed lunch or make preparing tea as simple as opening the seal and adding the pre-cooked vegetables to your pan.

If you are on a diet being able to measure out your portions and vacuum seal them is a big plus. You can fill your fridge and freezer with meals that are pre-measured. This really helps you to stick to your diet as well as being very convenient.

Vacmaster Vacuum Sealer Specifications

  •  Price – ~$650 – $700
  • Product Dimensions: 19.2 x 13 x 27.5 inches
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Adjustable vacuum pump
  • 40 BPA bags in a choice of four sizes are included
  • Suitable for use with food canisters
  • Choice of settings including a super gentle low setting

 A Brief Vacmaster VP112 Review

To help you to decide if this vacuum machine is for you we have read what people are saying about it on forums and review sites. Below is a summary of what we found out.

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  •  Vac Master food bags are BPA free
  • With this machine, you can vacuum pack liquids unlike most other vacuum packers
  • Can be used to seal a range of food containers
  • Oil less vacuum pump for good food hygiene
  • Using low setting it is possible to vacuum back gentle foods like fish without damaging them
  • Able to handle very large bags. 12” bags no problem, so good for large joints
  • Adjust how much air is left in the bag
  • Stop button built in as well as the ability to adjust how long the pump runs for
  • Low per bag cost
  • Compact, so is small enough for the kitchen counter
  • Being able to seal with liquid is the biggest plus point
  • It is the ideal sealer for sous vide fans
  • Works fast
  • Because you really can seal anything, you save a lot of waste. One user even re-sealed their wine and drank it two weeks later.



  • The unit is quite heavy
  • It has a large footprint so it takes up a lot of counter space
  • A few users said the unit lid did not last long. Fortunately, you can get replacements
  • Shipping a heavy piece of equipment costs a lot if anything goes wrong

Where to Buy the Vacmaster food vacuum sealer

If you are looking for the Vacmaster VP112 at the best price, we highly recommend Amazon. You always get good value for money, and buying from a large firm like Amazon affords you good consumer protection. Here is a link to a reliable supplier who sells the Vacmaster via Amazon:

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