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Our Full Optoma HD25 Review

If you are looking for a comprehensive Optoma HD25 review, you are in the right place. On this page, we have pulled together everything you need to know about this extremely good home theatre projector.

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Quick Comparison of Similar Models:

Optoma HD25-LVOptoma HD26Optoma HD25eOptoma HD141X
List PriceN/A$1,115.23$1,085.00$799.99
Warranty1-year limited parts and labor, 90-days on lamp1-year limited parts and labor, 90-days on lamp1-year warranty, 90-days on lamp1-year limited parts and labor, 90-days on lamp
FeatureScreen Size Range: 67-inches from 8 feet; 101-inches from 12 feet
3500 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 20,000:1; Keystone Correction: Yes, Lens Shift: No
1-Year Limited Parts and Labor, 90-Days on Lamp
Two HDMI v1.4a, two VGA-in, VGA-out, 3D VESA Port, composite video, two audio-in, audio-out, RS-232C, USB-B
Screen Size Range: 71-inches from 8 feet; 107-inches from 12 feet
Brightness: 3200 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 25,000:1; Keystone Correction: Yes, Lens Shift: No
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Parts and Labor, 90-Days on Lamp
Inputs: 2 x HDMI (1.4a 3D support) + MHL, Audio Out 3.5mm, 12V trigger, 3D-Sync, USB service
Create the ultimate Home Theatre experience with unsurpassed image quality and color fidelity
Native 1080p resolution for the sharpest, most visually stunning image quality
Full 3D compatibility; immerse yourself in your favorite 3D movie or video game
Comprehensive connectivity to satisfy your current and future needs
An optional lens cap is available for this projector directly from Optoma
Screen Size Range: 66-inches from 8 feet; 107-inches from 12 feet
3000 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 23,000:1; Keystone Correction: Yes, Lens Shift: No
1-Year Limited Parts and Labor, 90-Days on Lamp
2 x HDMI (1.4a 3D support) + MHL v1.2, Audio Out 3.5mm, 12V trigger, 3D-Sync, USB service

Why Buy an Optoma HD25 Projector?

There really is no better way to watch movies, TV or play video games than using a home theatre projector. It gives you the chance to have a huge high definition screen in your lounge. It really is the closest you can get to a full cinema experience in your own home.

Here are six good reasons to treat yourself to a home projector system:

  1. Using a projector, you can generate a 100-inch screen
  2. The fact that the price of projectors has fallen means it is often cheaper to buy a projector than it is to buy an equivalent HD flat screen
  3. There is no glare from a projector screen
  4. Projector screens are easier on the eye
  5. The room looks better because it is not dominated by a big piece of electrical kit
  6. You get an immersive viewing experience, which is very similar to going to the cinema

The Importance of Buying the Right Projector

However, you do need to do your research and buy the right projector, just as you would with any other piece of home equipment. They are not cheap, so the last thing you need is to buy one only to discover after a week of use that you have made a huge mistake.

Fortunately, we have done a lot of the research for you and reviewed several of the most popular projectors. On this page, we provide a detailed review for the Optoma 3D projector.

Optoma 3d Projector Specifications


  • Price  ~$820
  • Resolution – 1080p
  • 3D compatible – yes and it works with video games as well as movies
  • Sound – surround sound built in
  • Colour – white
  • Frequency response curve – 50/60
  • Parts warranty – 90 days

Optoma HD25 Reviews:

Because this projector has been available for several years, there are plenty of detailed reviews available. We have read over a hundred reviews and Q&As about this particular Optoma projector. It is this information we have used to put together a list of pros and cons for the Optoma HD 3D projector.


Virtually all of the reviews and forum comments we read were positive. For example, on there were 52 reviews, of those 37 gave the projector five stars and nine gave it four stars. Here are some of the plus points those reviewers made about the product.


  • Good value for money especially if you buy at the discounted price
  • Great picture quality
  • Produces a picture that is brighter than many other projectors
  • Excellent image contrast
  • True 3D capability with the ability to flip the left eye, right eye sequence
  • Bright colours
  • Fitted with a anamorphic lens
  • The ability to dim brightness
  • Low noise levels, although you can hear the fan during quiet scenes
  • Easy to use
  • Works well in most living rooms
  • Customer support is very good
  • Very positive user reviews
  • Most reported no rainbow effect, which can happen with some other brands
  • Includes an Eco mode
  • Ability to lock onto a specific input setting and disable any unused inputs
  • Looks good and blends in well with most ceilings
  • Lightweight
  • Long lamp life



There were six one to three star reviews. Interestingly, all of those reviewers had good things to say about Optoma projectors.

This is good because it means their reviews were balanced and that despite marking the projector down none of them felt the projector was a piece of junk. Rather they were just not 100% happy with a few things. Here are some of the things they felt were cons, which caused them to mark the projector down.


  • No vertical image shift
  • A little on the noisy side, but only during quiet scenes
  • There are only a handful of 3D glasses that are compatible with this system, but they are all still widely available
  • Two users reported a red tint in 3D mode
  • Can take a while to detect the signal, so may need starting up a few minutes before the movie or programme is due to be shown
  • Projected image is slightly darker on the edges, but only when viewing still images
  • Ugly menu system


One user said that the quality of the image was affected by where they lived. They lived 1500 meters above sea level and believed that the high altitude was why they were unable to get a good picture. In addition, one user reported an issue with focusing. They said that the edges of the image stayed blurred no matter what they did.

Our Opinion

On balance, we feel that we can safely recommend the Optoma HD projector. We genuinely feel that it is a quality 3D projector and represents good value for money. Click below to buy and find out even more about this stylish home theatre projector.