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The Amazing ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review

proform hybrid trainer
 If you are looking for a mid priced home fitness machine, the Proform Hybrid Trainer is a good fit. This trainer has great reviews. It really has stood the test of time.

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Below we provide you with a detailed review of the ProForm Hybrid Elliptical Trainer to help you to determine if it is actually the right option for you. Before we do that, however, here is a quick comparison of similar models:


If on the other hand you would like to learn more about the ProForm Hybrid please read on.
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What the ProForm Hybrid Trainer Reviews Say

Over 90% of the proform hybrid trainer, elliptical and recumbent bike reviews we read were 100% positive about the product. Even the remaining 10% of reviewers had good things to say about this all round trainer. In most cases it was just a few small niggles that lead those that did not give it full marks to give their lower rating.
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The ability to choose between two different training modes is genius. You can use it as a straightforward elliptical trainer to work out your legs and arms at the same time or use it in recumbent bike mode to just work on your legs. The seat is really comfortable when you are using it in bike mode, which means no more nasty saddle sore.

Here is a summary of the pros in list form:

Choice of training modes means that you get double the functionality at half of the price

  • No saddle sore in bike training mode
  • Easy to work out both your upper and lower body together
  • Resistance levels take you from starter to competitive athlete
  • EKG heart monitor ensures that you always train in the zone and get the most out of the time you spend exercising
  • Target pacer gives you a customised workout and ensures continuous progress
  • Long elliptical stride of 15” is more generous than other trainers
  • No power source needed


Many of the most positive reviews were from people who were new to exercise. They were amazed at the results they got using the machine, the fact you can adjust the resistance and have 14 settings to choose from is definitely a big plus.

Targeted training seemed to make a huge difference to a lot of users. Those who were trying to lose weight found this feature particularly useful. It meant that, after warm up, every minute they spent on the machine was spent actually burning fat.


  •  No incline adjustment
  • No seat rake adjustment
  • Very heavy, so hard to get into the house for assembly
  • Some users found ProForm’s customer support staff unhelpful
  • Some customers had problems with the EKG heart monitor
  • A few people found the assembly process time consuming
  • Some machines started to squeak after extended use greasing cured the problem, but not for long


The majority of the negativity surrounded the heart monitor, which was a vulnerable component that was easy to break. Some machines also arrived with this part damaged. It appears the wires are exposed, which makes this component vulnerable to damage.

Proform Hybrid Elliptical Specifications


  • Price Range ~$380
  • Weight capacity – 350lb
  • Machine weight – 149lbs
  • Dimensions – 45 x 18 x 24 inches
  • Recumbent seat
  • Arm workout levers
  • 14 digital resistance levels
  • Oversized bike pedals for extra comfort
  • Water bottle holder
  • 14 workout apps included as standard
  • RPM meter
  • Monitor with LCD screen
  • Target pacing app
  • EKG heart monitor built into the grips
  • Inertia enhanced flywheel
  • Level adjustment
  • Transport wheels make the unit easy to stow
  • 90-day parts and labour warranty



  •  Extended warranty available
  • Installation service available, which costs $250
  • Mat to set the machine onto


Other Things to Consider when buying the Proform Elliptical Hybrid

If you are interested in buying a pro form elliptical there are a few things users say you need to bear in mind.

The first is your height and the ceiling height of the room you plan to use it in. If you want to use it in elliptical mode, you need to ensure that there is sufficient clearance between you and the ceiling.

The maximum pedal height in elliptical mode is 13”. Add this to your height and make sure that there is at least an inch of clearance between you and the ceiling. Therefore, if you are 5’ 6” you can only use it in a room with a ceiling height of 6’ 8”.

This home product is heavy, so returning it because you do not like it will be expensive. Therefore, if you have never worked out on an elliptical trainer or recumbent bike it might be sensible to go to your local gym and try one out before you buy. Doing this will ensure that this kind of workout equipment is right for you.

In Conclusion

Our research shows that the Proform hybrid trainer elliptical and recumbent bike is a great fitness machine. You can buy here and read numerous detailed reviews about this home training system by clicking the link below.

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