A Complete Review of the Insinkerator Evolution Compact

When you buy a garbage disposal unit it is important to do your research. After all, you will be using it on an almost daily basis, so you need to buy one that is good quality and will be reliable and efficient.

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On this page, we tell you everything you need to know about the Inskinkerator Evolution Pro Compact. We have drawn the information on this page from various sources with the aim of saving you hours of having to scour the web yourself.

The Specifications of the Insinkerator Evolution


Price – under $200

Grinding mechanism – this garbage disposal unit has a very powerful grinding unit with a 34.6oz chamber and a powerful mechanism made from stainless steel.

Dimensions – 8 x 12.5 inches

Weight – 20lbs

SoundSeal Technology – noise is a big issue with some disposal systems. The Evolution Compact is fitted with an advanced sound insulation system.

Motor – fitted with a powerful ¾ HP motor

Warranty – 4 year in home limited warranty


What the Insinkerator Evolution Compact Reviews Say

This unit has been sold since 2004, so there is plenty of feedback online about it. Importantly, people who have owned and used the unit for several years write many of the reviews. This is good because it means that you are not relying upon first impressions. Some reviewers came back and updated their reviews years later.

Great Scores

Overall, the reviews for the Evolution Insinkerator are excellent. On one site, the unit scored 4.2 out of five. Of 770 reviews, 722 reviewers gave it either five or four stars.

These are the best review scores we have ever seen for an under sink garbage unit.


Quietthe fact that this waste disposal unit was so quiet was seen by many homeware users as a big plus. If you get up early or eat late, being able to clear up afterwards without disturbing the rest of the family is important. This unit is designed so that users can continue to hold a conversation at normal levels whilst the unit is in operation.

The unit is fitted with low noise parts and is well insulated. In addition, all vibration has been eliminated from the unit.

This is good news on both the durability as well as the noise front. The fact the unit is so stable reduces wear and tear on the parts, which is why they are able to offer a four-year warranty.

In fact, it is so quiet you can actually forget it is running. Usually when that happens the built-in breaker cuts the current, but it is something you should be aware of and avoid doing.

Smoothmany liked the smooth operation, which is down to the anti-vibration assembly we mentioned earlier.

Fast and efficientthis waste disposal unit is extremely fast and efficient. It deals with most food wastes and does so fast. The speed down is partly down to the fact the unit has such a big grind chamber. At 34.6ozs it is one of the biggest available for domestic disposal units.

This unit features a two stage grinding action, which helps to ensure that the unit does not clog or jam. The waste the unit dispenses is almost completely liquefied, which ensures that your sewage system will not be blocked by food waste.

Easy Installationthis unit is extremely easy to install. All of the parts and tools you need to fit the unit are included in the price. It features a simple twist off and twist on fitting. One user said they had removed their old unit and installed the Insinkerator compact evolution in just five minutes.

Easy Maintenancethe instructions for this unit are clear and easy to follow. Maintaining the unit is simple. You do not have to remove any parts to clean the unit.

Good Supportthe unit comes with a very good dos and donts guide, which answers most questions. However, if you still have questions all you need to do is to give the company a call. They really are keen to help you and do not mind being asked about anything.

A Great Warrantythe warranty is extremely good. The vast majority of the reviewers had not had to use it, but those that had seemed to be happy with the service they had received. Importantly the repair service was fast and, in most cases, the job was done right first time.



Of the 700 reviews we came across, 39 people rated the insinkerator evolution compact unit as only one or two stars. However, none of them seemed to have the same problem and some of the reviewers were complaining about the company that they bought their unit from rather than the unit itself.

Overall, there are no known problems with the unit. To us, reading the reviews, it looked like some people were unlucky enough to buy from the wrong place or end up with a unit with a weak part.

In Conclusion

As you can see this is an exceptionally good waste disposal unit. You can buy cheaper units, but we recommend that you consider spending a bit more and buying this unit. It is built to last at least the length of the warranty, so you will end up with a unit that works well for at least four years.

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