LG 42ls3400 LED TV Reviews

What do you look for when you look for a TV? Picture quality? Price? Size? HDMI inputs? Whether you’re an AV tech nerd or just a simple home user who wants an awesome TV for the den, you want the best TV for your top dollar, right? You want a real quality appliance, not just some fabricated TV that pretends to be decent for a decent price.

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That’s where LG comes in. LG has been one of the top manufacturers for HDTV’s since the beginning of HDTV history. If you’re looking for a large screen, high quality, energy conserving HDTV, then perhaps you should consider reviewing the LG 42ls3400? Let’s take a look.

What is the LG 42ls3400?

The LG 42ls3400 is a 42 inch TV that offers great value and a great picture for a low, low price. Wrap in some amazing energy saving features (complete with Energy Star rating!) and convenience and quality, then you’ve pretty much got the perfect TV for any room.

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Whether you want it in the bedroom for before bed viewing, the den so you can watch the big game with your friends, the kids’ room(s) so they can play video games, or grandma’s house so she can watch her soap operas, this TV is perfect for anyone in any occasion.

What features are on the LG 42ls3400?

The LG 42ls3400 has a variety of quality features that would excite anyone from the casual TV watcher to the audiovisual guru. If you’ve got a way to use the TV, this TV can likely meet your needs and/or desires, no matter what they may be. Check them out:

  • Easy-to-do manual self-calibration. Usually these sorts of things end up being more complicated than necessary. You want the picture a bit darker, or you want to make sure that you can see it better because of where the windows are in your room. The menu offers simple options and good resource points that can help you figure out exactly how you want the picture to look.
  • Intelligent sensor technology. This is one of the most interesting, innovative features that LG has to offer. As the lighting in the room changes (because of the time of day, or whatever else), the TV will adapt to the lighting. Instead of fumbling with it yourself, the TV adapts to the changes.
  • Smart Energy Saving features. The types of LED lights, the energy saving technology, and a myriad of other features that the LG 42ls3400 has given it rave reviews from environmentalists. TV’s are not known for being energy saving devices, but this one is. It even has Energy Star approval! Not only will you save the earth, you will also save your wallet.
  • Exceptional HD viewing. 1080p makes the picture awesomely crisp and clear. Many HDTV’s offer crisp viewing, but 1080p is double what many other manufacturers off. It will allow you to see details and colors like you’ve never experienced them on a television.
  • Perfect size for any room. The 42-inch screen sits inside of a 40 x 10.3 x 27.4 inches frame, making it perfect for whatever room you plan on putting it in. It doesn’t take a lot of space, and those sizes include the stand it sits on.

More LG 42ls3400 LED TV Specifications

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  • Direct-lit LED backlighting.
  • 3 HD-capable inputs (2 HDMI, 1 component-video/composite video)
  • USB Port
  • RF Antenna In
  • AV Audio/Video In
  • Parts and Labor Warranty for 12 months.
  • Built-in speakers that allow for awesome sound without having to buy external speakers or using any other technology to enhance the sound. It already sounds amazing, right out of the box!

LG 42ls3400 Reviews

Alright, alright. Now that you know everything about the LG 42ls3400 and what it has to offer you, what are other people saying about this amazing home theatre HDTV? Good news! I have some LG 42ls3400 LED TV reviews from satisfied LG customers for you to check out. Don’t just trust me- check out what these people have to say.

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“I have really enjoyed my 42″ Led TV. The performance is great. The picture and features are better than any TV I have bought in the past. I would highly recommend this TV.” – Bill D.

“The TV has a great picture and sound quality. Easy to navigate throughout the menu to change any settings. Love the multiple HDMI inputs and other inputs. Enjoy watching movies and playing games on the TV.” – Guy N.

“This TV is amazing. The picture is so sharp you can see the wrinkles on someone’s face. After getting HD it really POPS. Also all the different features to adjust the picture and sound means you can really customize your TV and movie experience. Watching sports is a new experience too. I just love it so much It’s worth every penny and then some.” – Tina T.

Our Conclusions

With all of these rave reviews and more, how can you go wrong? If you want a solid, quality picture with a great HDTV, then the LG 42ls3400 is definitely an option for you. Will you go with LG for your next TV purchase? Check it, and other awesome LG models, out today.