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Revolation 2 Chocolate Tempering Machine Reviews Reveal The Facts


Delicious Chocolates

If you love chocolate, you will love eating it warm. There really is nothing quite like it. You can create so many fun and exciting dishes once you have a machine that produces soft, super smooth chocolate. Here we are going to tell you all about a great quality chocolate tempering machine that produces fantastic results time after time.

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Chocolate Tempering Machines Comparison:

C116USREV2WHIRevolation 2, 220VNew Rev2 + melter LidC116USREV21GR
List PriceN/AN/AN/AN/A
Warranty1 year parts and laborN/AN/A1 year parts and labor
FeatureFully automatic chocolate tempering
1.5 lb. capacity
Adjustable heat control
90 Second Bowl Pause
LED Temperature display
N/AThis convenient, space efficient tabletop temperer has all the features necessary for the profe...
Sold individually
Colour/Pattern: Grey
Dimensions: 12½"L x 10½"W x 5¼"H
Fully automatic chocolate tempering
1.5 lb. capacity
Adjustable heat control
90 Second Bowl Pause
LED Temperature display

The Chocovision Chocolate Tempering Machine

We have done a lot of research and have looked at literally dozens of chocolate tempering machines. Our research shows that the type of machine you buy is important especially if you are a small-scale chocolate maker or a hobbyist who makes chocolate gifts. We have uncovered the best of the hundreds of different chocolate machines out there. On this site we tell you all about them.

One of our favourites is the Revolation 2 chocolate tempering machine. On this page we are going to tell you about that machine. We give you the specs and tell you what actual users think.

This high quality machine is made in the US. It has been available for several years, which means there is plenty of data available about using it over the long term.

Revolation 2 Chocolate Tempering Machine Reviews

Given the nature of the machine there are not that many reviews out there. However, the few we have seen are all almost 100% positive.

Importantly two professional Chocolatiers, Theresa Novak and Mary Hepner designed this machine. Their experience of working with chocolate is reflected in the design of the machine.

Chocolate is very sensitive to drastic changes in temperature and needs to be constantly stirred at the right speed to retain the right texture. Overheating it, steering it too fast or repeatedly cooling and reheating the chocolate can cause it to split and adversely affect the taste.

The Basic Specs of the Chocovision Rev 2

Below is a summary of the basic specifications. This list of specifications covers the elements of chocolate heating machines that users regularly mention in their reviews, so they are the most important specs.


  • Capacity: 1.5Ib of melted chocolate
  • Dimensions: 12.5” Wide x 10.5” Deep and 4.25” High
  • Weight: 10Ibs
  • Power: 110 volts, 60 Hz (also available in 220V)
  • Fully automatic tempering: Yes
  • Bowl pause: Yes – 90 seconds
  • Temperature display: Yes – digital LED display
  •  Temperature control range: adjust by up to 120 degrees in the melt stage, and up to 100 degrees in temper mode
  • Standby mode: Yes – including overnight standby mode
  • Removable bowl: Yes
  • Removable baffle: YesAdjustable heat control: Yes
  •  Warranty: Yes – 1 year full parts and labour


revolation 2 chocolate tempering machine reviews

The Pros of this Hot Chocolate Machine

This machine is designed for use by professional Chocolatiers, which means it is high quality. However, many people buy it for home use too. The fact it is a commercial grade machine means that it should last for many years for a home user.

This is a compact model, which takes up very little counter space.

The machine is designed to take your chocolate through the whole process. Using this machine, you can melt, temper, set or hold your chocolate at the best temperature.

It is possible to keep up to 1.5Ibs of chocolate at 2/10 of a degree Fahrenheit. You can put up to 10Ibs of chocolate through the machine per day, so if you are running a home confectionary business this is the perfect machine.

This chocolate melter is made in the US. For consumers who live in the US this is good news because it makes it particularly easy for them to get parts. The makers will also ship parts internationally.

Another great feature of this machine it the ease of assembly. This makes it exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

The Cons

As we said the reviews were all positive for this machine. However, that said the price could certainly be seen as a disadvantage. This is a commercial machine, so it is not cheap.

However, if you want exceptional results and a kitchenware machine that is going to be reliable this is the perfect machine, and given the fact that the machine is designed for high intensity daily use means it will last. This makes the high price tag less of an issue, because when you look at the life of the machine you are actually getting good value for money.

Where to Buy Your Chocolate Tempering Machine

On Amazon, there are always plenty of chocolate tempering machines for sale. Use this link to find out more about the Chocovision Revolation 2 and buy it from Amazon at the best price.
We feel it is a great place to buy a tempering machine because you get a good choice and it is easy to compare different machines. You also get good customer service, and there are usually plenty of special offers.

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